THE SMIA have announced the introduction of a new Advisory Group that will be open to music industry professionals from all over Scotland.

The group will made up of representatives from different sectors of the music industry, including artists, agents, events, festivals, media, managers, publicists, publishers, promoters, record labels, studios and venues. Currently open for applications, those involved will give the SMIA perspectives from their experience and the organisations and the sectors in which they are active.

The Advisory Group will be chaired by a member of the SMIA Company Board and will meet twice a year in two different locations (which are likely to be from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Inverness). It will be an opportunity for participants to vote on motions or give their opinion on various matters throughout the year.

An opportunity to shape the future of the SMIA and music business development in Scotland, there will be other benefits for those who wish to get involved such as attending the Scottish Album of the Year award and other events.

The SMIA are welcoming people who share their values to apply aswell as those who haven’t worked with them before. They advise those interested to send a CV and cover letter to Full application details can be found here.