The Strokes by Roger Woolman

new interview with The Strokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi has revealed that the band are currently working on their first new record in three years.

With many fans seeing their recent Future Present Past EP as a resounding return to form for the group after 2013’s Comedown Machine, Valensi (who is also preparing to release a debut album with his side project CRX) remained vague about the exact details but made it evident that progress had been made during a recent interview.

Speaking from his hometown and the city in which The Strokes’ genesis took place, he stated that “We are slowly but surely working on an album.“I don’t know when it’s going to be released, we’re kind of just in writing sessions. We’re writing. I’m actually in New York at the moment, at a studio in New York for that.”

Having previously suggested that he’d rather ‘pull a Beyonce’ than announce formal details, it is likely that we can expect the band’s new album to appear out of nowhere.

Watch the lyric video for recent highlight ‘Oblivius’ below: