vukovi-1SCOTLAND’S Vukovi have revealed details of their upcoming debut album.

Rising up the ranks in recent years with their alt-rock tinged sound and amassing a huge fanbase, the band aligned themselves with the New York/Manchester based label Lab Records back in July, the group took to social media in order to reveal that the album’s release date and tracklisting has been cemented.

Clearly elated at the prospect the band stated that “We are so damn excited to announce our self-titled debut album will be released on March 10th through ! Physical CD bundles are now available to pre-order here.

Speaking to TTV upon the initial announcement of their major label deal, frontwoman Janine Shilstone highlighted the direction in which the album was headed:

“We’re heading into the studio to record it next month with Nick Lawrie and Bruce Rintoul. Bruce recorded and produced our first 3 eps and Nick has recorded and produced our last 4 singles. We wanted to capture old and new Vukovi and show how much we’ve evolved since the beginning through the album. I think working with our old and new producers will capture that perfectly.”

Check out the record’s tracklisting and the video for ‘Animal’ below: