SCOTLAND’S The Snuts are in a UK Album Chart Battle with Demi Lovato. A sentence the band quite possibly, never thought they’d read. If the band manage to bag the number one spot, they’ll be the first Scottish band to debut at number 1 since The View in 2007.

TTV’s love affair with The Snuts goes right back to the start. Frontman Jack landed in our inboxes five years ago, with a demo of ‘Glasgow’, which is now incredibly re-imagined on their debut album. It was love at first listen, with Jack’s vocals cutting right to our heartstrings. We’d never heard anything like it before. It was real. It was Scotland. It was special. It was The Snuts.

Fast-forward half a decade and the band see themselves in a chart battle with international superstar Demi Lovato and are potentially set to follow in the footsteps of a band they looked up to along the way, The View. The Dundonians are the last Scottish band to debut at number one with their album fourteen years ago.

TTV urge every single person who has ever dared to dream, to back The Snuts this week. This is a monumental moment for four young school pals from West Lothian. They say you have your whole life to write your first album, well… these 13 songs represent hard work, determination, desire and passion in more ways than you’d ever comprehend. The power is in your hands. Buy The Snuts’ album here.

Listen to the album here: