Picture: Whitton

lot has changed since Beady Eye last graced The Barrowlands in early 2011 with their debut album fresh on the shelves. A gracious pack of Oasis fans surrendered to the toe-tapping bravado of Different Gear, Still Speeding and enjoyed a show with no shortage of punchy tunes. Now, just short of three years later, the band’s latest addition to the catalogue BE has toured itself all over the world since its release in the summer and with Gem Archer’s welcomed return, the band are more than ready for this Glasgow show.

And as you might imagine, that pack of Oasis fans are here once again- suited and booted in an array of khaki parker jackets complimented with show-stopping sideburns. Flick of the Finger is the chosen opener, bellowing through the crowd so strong that many seem to lose their lager as the drum pushes on through.

New single Iz Rite warrants a mention, a great catchy hook ensuring this song is not lost amongst its other BE predecessors.

Live Forever and Cigarettes and Alcohol were unfortunately for Beady Eye, true highlights for the crowd as the 40-something’s revelled in jaunting lyrics reliving their youth of the 90’s.

A momentous rendition of The Stones Gimme Shelter finished things off in the encore, Gallagher able to give this some laddish paint as he whales through some of the most bittersweet lyrics in musical history. “Rape! Murder! It’s just a shot away, it’s just a shot away,” he goes, and their Glasgow fans leave as high as the sky.