Fat White Family took to Glasgow’s Broadcast on Friday evening playing to a packed and rowdy crowd.

Playing tracks from their debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust’, the South London six-piece put on a set that exceeded their loud and energetic reputation.

Monumentally opening with a terrific racket, the amazing vocals from the singer Lias Saudi bellowed through the tiny gig venue that is fast coming one of the city’s most sought-after venues to catch a gig. 

Grabbing the headlines by hanging a banner declaring “The Bitch Is Dead” from their Brixton pub HQ to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher, the band proved their rough around the edges charm with tracks full of crazy sort distortion in between screams from Saudi.

Jumping into a thrilled crowd around the time they belted out the rapturous Hot Beef, the band kicked into the pounding Heaven on Earth and Special Ape with an unmissable drive that carried the set through a tidal wave of their debut. 

This really was a gig that had to be seen to be believed, unraveling into a crazy hour with the front row of girls rubbing their bodies against the band as Saudi belts out a wall of sound into the small venue.

As sweat dropped from the ceiling, a girl launched on Saudi licking his chest and fans were manhandled out the venue for crude behaviour, a badge of honour for Fat White Family.

The encore Touch the Leather sent the crowd wild, a bouncing crowd left enthralled from this amazing hour.

View more pictures from the show here.