QUITE possibly the absolute definition of ‘cool as f*ck’, LA’s greatest trio stormed Glasgow on Thursday night as the Haim sisters took to the Ovo Hydro Stage and made a much-anticipated return to Scotland.

A country that has been obsessed with Haim from the very start, it was apparent from the opening riff as the trio delivered a huge performance packing punch, full of the hits and with just the right amount of chatter.

The band’s rendition of the somber ‘Leaning on You’ was nothing sort of tear-jerking, with the three band mates showing their incredible stature as performers even when it’s all stripped back to the harmonies. ‘Hallelujah’ brought Glasgow to their knees, as the trio stood front of stage embracing eachother as they sang about the tragic loss of a friend. It really was a moment to rock a bouncing venue into a supportive trance.

Haim are one of the most exciting bands around right now, taking the step from smaller venues to stadiums and Main Stages effortlessly. And after this performance, world domination is the only next step.

Those reading this review may be on the outlook for some Haim x Taylor content, as a few short days after the Glasgow performance the sisters brought out their good friend, pop superstar Taylor Swift in London. So it only seems fair we include a clip to enjoy that below: