NOEL Gallagher says he’s too busy talking about Jagwar Ma to reform Oasis, quite a unique statement of support and Glasgow was about to see what all the fuss is about as Jagwar Ma finally made their Glasgow debut at the city’s King Tuts venue.

Sold out unsurprisingly, the jam-packed venue watched in awe as the beats of What Love begin from the 303 drum machine. It took some time before the front of the crowd actually started to dance,  but thankfully by the time Man I Need finished, the grooves had forced the crowd to let lose, which also seemed to awake Jack Freeman on bass who bounced around that stage not missing a beat.

The Australian outfit have been compared to the baggy bands of the  90’s and there certainly was some hacienda vibes created tonight.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch them at Glastonbury and now King Tuts,  but as I spoke to first timers after the hour set, it was clear many had just had their eye’s opened to something very special.

They only real criticism I could say was the slow start to the night created by the drum machine being too low, although Jagwar Ma certainly made up for it by the end.

Words: Neal Mcharg