AARON SMITH has teamed up with suicide prevention charity CALM for a deeply moving new video.

‘Brother’ features on his widely acclaimed second EP ‘For My Father’ which came out in August and is a perfect example of Smith’s ability to dig deep to the core of a subject and emerge with something beautifully profound. Perhaps his most affecting statement to date, the track reflects on addiction, mental health and the need for connection with his hauntingly beautiful vocal performance at the centre of it all.

“When I wrote ‘Brother’ I was in a bit of a dark place emotionally,” he comments. “The song developed to be about battling addiction with a family member, and I slowly began to see myself go down that path as well. To know that there’s help out there is great if you are struggling.”

Directed by the acclaimed Jack Durman at 1983, the new video conveys the loneliness and isolation that many feel this time of year, but ultimately leads to a message of hope for those that are struggling. You can find out more about CALM here.

Aaron comments: “When we got the story for the music video I knew I wanted to put it out. We don’t need to live in the dark and there’s always a way out.”

Watch below.

Photo by Marilena Vlachopoulou