INTRODUCING Aaron Smith; the latest voice to emerge from Glasgow who is set to take the world by storm.

There has been an air of mystery surrounding the artist who has cultivated a slow-build hype thanks to word of mouth and a series of stunning live shows at Live at Leeds, The Great Escape and Barn on the Farm to name a few.

But today is the day that he finally unleashes his debut single into the world and it has certainly been worth the wait. With an extraordinary voice that has the ability to stop you dead in your tracks thanks to his incredible range and beautiful falsetto, ‘Unspoken’ is the perfect introduction to an artist who is seemingly destined for very big things indeed.

Written about a relationship that is moving faster for one person than the other, and that person’s fears of commitment, his stunning voice, so moving in every affectation, is delivered over a minimalist piano melody in what is a deeply emotional and poignant listening experience. There’s something almost James Blake-esque in its stunning simplicity.

Check out Aaron Smith’s debut single below.