AARON SMITH has unveiled a sunny new single called ‘You’.

Far removed from the intimate ballads we’ve previously heard from the Scottish singer-songwriter, ‘You’ sees him embrace his innate love of all things pop.

Backed by bouncing synths and pulsing electronic beats, the track marks a point of natural progression – adding a new vibrant pop coating to his rousing vocals and honest lyrics.

He explained “‘You’ is definitely a lot different from the songs I’ve put out before. I’ve found myself being heavily inspired by Dance/R&B artists. I love the juxtaposition of happier-sounding music and keeping the meaningful and heavy lyrics in my songs. I feel like I’ve really grown in the past 18 months as a person and as a musician and writing this sort of music has helped me to unlock a new part of something I never knew existed in me. I hope any fans welcome the change in direction.”

Now splitting his time between his homeland and LA, the track is accompanied by a new video which sees Smith roaming the Californian city while begrudgingly trying to film himself doing The Slosh.

Check out the tongue-in-cheek visual below.