10646839_674847442647138_6886423004201071871_nHAILING from Glasgow’s East End, Acting Strange is the brainchild of two cousins who’ve committed themselves to their cause and brandish their own distinct take on the rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Raw, unkempt and with a former member of The Imagineers in tow, their music is a wonderfully stripped back version of the genre we all know and love; with the band seemingly willing to take things all the way back to the era of skiffle if need be.

This ethos is perfectly exemplified on ‘Rumble’, a track which is laden with Stones-like guitar, nonplussed yet powerful vocals and indignant lyricism (“I found my brain in a 20 bag, I don’t want to talk about the past”), peering through like a glimmer of light in an era where high gloss production and overwrought instrumentation dominate much of the airwaves.

With a track as strong as what they’ve displayed, we’re more than slightly curious to hear what else lies in store.

Watch the video below: