WITH their debut album TALK TALK TALK set to drop on 31st March, Acting Strange have followed up their rollicking lead single ‘Save Me’ with another impressive outing called ‘Start It Over’.

Taking influence from the Pixies while harbouring the vintage pop sensibilities of The Beatles, the track has a breezy and melodic quality that is more laid-back than its predecessor. Just as addictive though, it possesses the same lo-fi charm and raw vitality as we’re used to hearing from the band;  well-executed harmonies and carefree acoustic rhythms elevated by the presence of strong guitar lines. Closing with the lyrics “Don’t be scared, start it over when the morning comes”, it’s a break-up song that is as reassuring as it is melancholic.

Crafting a simple yet vital sound that harks back to the authenticity of their many influences, the band’s debut album TALK TALK TALK is shaping up to be a cracker. Check out ‘Start It Over’ below.