10646839_674847442647138_6886423004201071871_nTO create something original and capable of captivating the minds of the modern fans, it’s sometimes a necessity to go all the way back to the roots of music as we know it today.

That’s precisely what Glasgow duo Acting Strange have done, eschewing a lot of the pretension which engulfs the foreground and focusing on harnessing what made rock ‘n’ roll so vital and refreshing in the first place.

Beginning to reap the rewards of their sound as the public begin to sit up and take notice, they’ve revealed the rollicking ‘Universe Blues.’

Exploding into life with forthright yet suitably stripped back guitar that recalls pioneers such as JJ Cale and The Allman Brothers, the vocal work and gripping melody upon which the track is based harks back to the days in which bands felt no pressure to jeopardise their integrity in order to cultivate a mainstream following. Accomplished in its songwriting despite their delightfully ramshackle sound, the track undergoes something of a reprise after an extended period of silence; veering off toward the heady and psychedelic and demonstrative of just how much this band have in the locker.

‘Universe Blues’ is taken from A Night On The Tiles, the band’s upcoming EP which shall emerge on the 11th September via In Black Records.

Listen to the track below: