Action Bronson Actin Crazy

The Band: American MC Action Bronson has just released his brand new track ‘Actin Crazy’ from the forthcoming album Mr.Wonderful and in the process teaming up with Noah “40” Shebib who famously produced Drakes last effort. Hailing from Queens, NY the rapper became notorious for his distinctive sound and oddball attitude, often contributing to his works.

The Sound: The track, in correlation with earlier release ‘Easy Rider’, follows a more bass orientated psychedelic route than most of the rappers previous works. There is no change in emphasis in terms of the sharp, dexterous, gut punch lyrics that offered a platform to his rise to fame in 2011 though; “All my life I was a fuck up, now I pull the truck up, same bitch stuck up, now she wanna suck us”.

The Lowdown: It has just been announced that Bronson will be part of the line up for the forthcoming Coachella festival; playing the Friday on the 10th and 17th of April.