FAST rising Glaswegian pop singer Alex Amor releases new single ‘Like The First Time’.

Preceding the ‘Super Sonic’ EP set for release on November 3rd through Young Poet, the latest offering from Amor is co-produced by Karma Kid (Has Baker, Shygirl) and Josef Page (Aziya, Pixx). Brimming with nostalgic riffs and self-assured vocals, ‘Like The First Time’ bursts into its sun-drenched chorus decorated with shimmering guitars and washes of crystalline synths.

On the new single, Alex Amor comments, “This song came together at the very end of a non eventful studio day. Instead of ending the day early, we decided to listen to more music and take a few breaks. Haim came on in that moment and was a big reference for this project, with their first album being on repeat that day. The song’s about not giving up on a long term love and recreating the magic when you first met, reigniting the spark that once existed in the relationship, with the intention of recapturing the magic of that initial encounter.”

Uplifting melodies inspired by the likes of The Cardigans, Men I Trust and Lana Del Ray outlay the prospect of an inevitably exceptional upcoming EP, emitting vibes of sunshine dream-pop.

Check out the newest single from Alex Amor below.

Photo by Mila Austin.