ALEX AMOR has shared details of a new EP called ‘Super Sonic’, alongside new single ‘Time to Smile’.

Follow-up to 2022’s The Art Of Letting Go the new collection will be comprised of seven tracks and will include previously released singles ‘Wandering Eyes’ and the title track ‘Super Sonic.’

Meanwhile, the new track was co-written with Bastian Langebaek (Olivia Dean, Nilüfer Yanya) and co-produced by Josef Page (Aziya, Pixx), and mixed by Joseph Hartwell Jones (FLO, Chrissi, FKA Twigs). Much like the rest of her work, it’s imbued with a sunny optimism and misty-eyed romance as she encourages the listener to appreciate the simple things. A hypnotic return, her blissed-out mix of indie and dream-pop speaks to influences as far-reaching as Blood Orange, The Cardigans, Kurt Vile, Beach House, Cocteau Twins, Porches, HAIM, Lana Del Rey and Men I Trust.

She said “Time To Smile centres around the idea of realising that life is full of unpredictable moments. No matter what struggles you may be facing, whether it’s a less than ideal job or relationship issue, it shouldn’t prevent you from living in the present and enjoying yourself. I wrote this song when I needed to hear this message the most. I was tired of waiting to achieve my goals before I was happy. The song encourages me to dance and find a reason laugh in the here and now, rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before allowing myself to feel joy. The message is clear: if you hold off on dancing until your life is perfect, you may never dance at all.”

The project’s accompanying visuals centre around individual character studies; more specifically  different facets of Alex’s own personality, with each song and its accompanying aesthetic representing those differing sides to her psyche.

Speaking more on the concept of the EP and its visuals, Alex said:

“The concept behind the creation of the ‘Super Sonic’ bus was to bring the essence of each song to life in human form,  taking you on a journey through my music. Drawing inspiration from my favourite cinematographer Wes Anderson, I was captivated by his colour theory and his compelling character studies in his movies. Every passenger aboard the ‘Super Sonic’ bus embodies the story telling in my songs and represents different aspects of my personality. Within me, exists a whimsical, optimistic, and slightly peculiar side, and the ‘Time to Smile’ character reflects these traits. With each new song release, my hope is that listeners will not only connect with the music but also discover more about who I am and relate to some of the characters that accompany the songs.”

Check out the track below.

Photo by Euan Robertson