Martin Johnson had already made his musical virtuosity abundantly clear within the thriving Pronto Mama, notions of artistic wanderlust were no doubt the driving force behind the formation of American Clay; a project which was initially confined to his bedroom before morphing into a band in its own right.

Drawing from a drastically different set of influences from that which informs Pronto Mama’s material, The band have unveiled the video for ‘Talk’, their debut single and one which exudes potential from the very first momentous drum strike.

Residing in the territory of bands such as Cloud Nothings, Wavves, Total Babes and Yuck,  ‘Talk’ is a lively and animated number which serves as an excellent introduction to the band. gritty guitars, slacker-rock indebted vocals that infuse the occasional tinge of forthright aggression and absolutely thunderous percussion are what makes ‘Talk’ so special and it has definitely piqued our interest for the band’s future releases.

‘Talk’ is set for release on the 5th December via Smalltown America, with the band playing a special launch show at The Hug And Pint on that night.

Check out the video below: