13418919_1273752305969102_3818693564315916388_nBEGINNING life in its embryonic stages as a solitary bedroom project before finally morphing into a fully fledged band as its potential became very evident, American Clay are a band that have been picking up some well-deserved commendation for their gritty slacker-rock stylings.

Enabling Pronto Mama’s Martin Johnson to rise up from the drum stool and veer methodically into an entirely different realm, the band have continued to tease their long-awaited debut EP with the release of ‘Turps.’

A thrilling concoction of Japandroids-esque rambunctiousness and inherently poppy hooks, the track is quite simply a masterclass in unflinching alt-rock that wears its influences on its sleeve but never looks to merely emulate.

‘Turps’ is taken from the band’s upcoming Happenstance EP which will be released on the 9th September and will be celebrated with a special launch show at Glasgow’s infamous The Priory Bar.

American Clay are set to perform at our very own Tenement Trail in October, with tickets available