MELBOURNE punks Amyl and The Sniffers release their new album ‘Comfort To Me’ this week and it is being given one final preview with this single ‘Hertz’.

Known for their blistering punk anthems, ‘Hertz’ is a typically riotous affair that finds Amy Taylor bellowing over serrated guitars and pummelling drums, outlining her desire to escape on a romantic getaway.

Amy says it’s “a daydream of wanting to go to the country/bush and see landscapes other than the city, go like four wheeling driving or getting sunburnt and having fresh air. Repulsed by confinement kind of daydream.”

“Sometimes when we’re on tour and we drive past a field I just want to run in it. Frustration of being stuck in one place. Didn’t know who I was writing it about but after I wrote it I figured out who I was imagining driving around with. It was written in 2019 but very much so sounds like a pandemic song.”

Watch the video below.

Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski