from Edinburgh, unsigned band Aperture have been doing the rounds in the city with their brew of new-wave and classic pop-rock since 2010. Having made quite a name for themselves within the capital, their sound boasts inventive guitar riffs around a Latin bass section and Lisa McGlynn’s vocals that are remarkably similar to a hybrid of vocalists such as Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux.

Their new song ‘Get In Line’ fits in with the mould established above, filled with dexterous guitar riffage and disctinctly punky vocals. Maintaining a frantic pace and armed with an infectious bassline, there’s promise in this one and they could well be the dance rock band in Scotland that you can trust to make you bop on every outing.

Aperture are playing their next gig at Stramash with Headshrinker on 24th February 2016.
Check out the track below: