ARBO FALLS is the new pseudonym of Scottish producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Robinson.

Having developed his craft as the drummer of several local bands, Arbo has channelled his appreciation for rhythm, percussion and ambient sounds into hypnotic and atmospheric  soundscapes that inspiration from a myriad of sources such as Bonobo, Four Tet and Jon Hopkins.

His new single is called ‘So’, and it’s the second preview of his upcoming EP. Following on from the progressive ‘Bits of Light in a Darkened Room’, the new track finds Arbo in a more meditative mood. Shrouded in atmosphere, it’s layered with moody keys and subtly driving beats which is reflective of the mindful state in which it was created.

He comments “So” was written in one day during the pandemic. I was in a peaceful meditative state that day. A rare occurrence during this challenging time. I found myself striving to “be productive”. What I found was that letting go of that self-inflicted pressure allowed me to find peace and produce a song that was a direct reflection of this.” 

Brooding and pensive yet wholly immersive, it’s a compelling return.

Tune in below.