THE disappointment of Baby Strange’s SWG3 cancellation can be slightly alleviated with the news that the band have shared a new song on streaming platforms called ‘In The Flesh’.

Originally released on vinyl for Record Store Day, the band are finally unleashing the track online, in all its rampant glory.

An exhilarating ride, it’s one that hits you right in the face from the off – driven by propellent drums and Johnny Madden’s formidable vocal delivery. Full of seething guitar lines and rhythmic urgency, it’s one that bridges the fast-paced, furious garage rock of their earlier years and the more industrial, eclectic sounds of this year’s ‘World Below’.

The menacing rocker, which is a commentary on the role social media continues to play within people’s lives, is paired with a cover of ‘Pathetic Fuck’ by label mate Nicky William.

Tune in below.