bad bad hats

HAILING from Minneapolis is the intriguing trio Bad Bad Hats. They released their debut album in July titled Psychic Reader which introduced their upbeat, lo-fi sound, centering around singer Kerry Alexander’s voice.

They have followed up this album release with a brand new video for their track ‘Shame’, which is one of the grungier tracks on the album. It replaces the usually smooth sound with some rough bass and distorted guitar soloing, capturing a more traditional essence of rock n roll.

The video is a hilarious nod towards the Tumblr account ‘Women Laughing At Salad’, which sees Alexander posing in different places, salad and smile in tow. Its bright sarcasm is somewhat at odds with the snarling track, but the contrast just adds to the comedy.

The band are about the embark on an American tour with The Mynabirds that will last until the 9th October. It may be a little while before we see these guys on UK shores, but they are definitely one to keep an eye on anyway.