LOS ANGELES duo Bad Wave take you on a whirlwind trip back to 1955 on their latest single.

While their previous offering ‘Time To Get Lost’ dealt with the dark aftermath of the US election, the synth-pop duo have a more uplifting message to share this time around.

They said: “A lot of things happened in 1955. Elvis made his first television appearance. Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat. Steve Jobs was born and Albert Einstein died. Some people wish we could go back to 1955. A nostalgia for a simpler time. But we’re more excited about what’s ahead. We’ve got nostalgia for the future.”

Seemingly at odds with their own relationship between the past and present, the duo are able to deftly balance wistful nostalgia with an uplifting sense of hope for what’s to come; the result being an anthemic slice of vibrant indie-pop. Reminiscent of MGMT in its whirring electro beats and sparkling synth melodies, it’s a track which uses the best of the past to look forward into the future; a stirring creation which has you yearning for summer.

Check it out below.