THE prolific Barrie-James has unveiled his new album ‘Strange Desire’ today – an atmospheric and compelling collection rooted in country tradition and his innate propensity for melody.

Shrouded in a beautiful yet dark and wistful atmosphere, the album has arrived with a new video for ‘Riverside’ – a sombre duet with Lana Del Rey that closes the collection.

Despite its subdued sonic atmosphere, the track does offer more upbeat lines of support in its subtle lyrical profundities – as Del Rey sings, “I’m up a creek and you’re my paddle.”

Recorded nearly a decade ago, in 2012, it effortlessly complements the rest of the record. While leaked versions have circled the web in recent years, fans will be pleased to see it get its full release. Barrie-James said “This album needed a song that stood out from the others, and ‘Riverside,’ because of its moody piano sullen sound, made it really stand out. I wanted to write a piano line that made me weep and the universe gifted me this song.”

The singer-songwriter also happens to feature on three tracks of Lana Del Rey’s recent album ‘Blue Banisters’ – all of which were also recorded around a similar time.

Created by the prolific Humble Film Productions team, watch the video below.

Photo by Euan Robertson