BE CHARLOTTE has returned with a surprise new single called ‘we are burning’.

Widely renowned as one of Scotland’s finest emerging talents, the Dundee singer-songwriter enjoyed a hugely prolific 2020 with the release of her bright and audacious debut EP ‘Dreaming With The Lights Off’ and a series of equally vibrant follow-up singles such as ‘Set Somebody Free’ and ‘Back To Life’. With each release from her glowing pop collection, we recognised an artist moving with confidence, creativity and authenticity; an artist who had found her lane and was blossoming in it.

Now, she’s back with a tender new cut called ‘we are burning’, a reimagined version of ‘Burning’ from last year’s EP. It may be a shift away from the bold, soaring pop soundscapes we heard on that collection but the honesty, authenticity and powerful messaging are still there and every bit as powerful as when delivered against acoustic guitar strums and a stripped-back production. Centring all its focus on Be Charlotte’s moving lyrics and beautiful, poetic lilt, it has been described as a call to action and a cry for help.

Written collaboration with Irish artist JC Stewart in Nashville,  Charlotte said “I cannot wait to play this song on tour in November. I wrote this song to try and describe those moments when you feel like giving up but there¶s always a reason to keep going. This is for those who have burnt the candle at both ends for too long. It¶s my way of saying we need to be there for each other, no matter what. ”

The stripped-back ‘we are burning’ follows ‘i need the lights off’, a gentle, reimagined take on last year’s ‘Lights Off’.

Be Charlotte is going on tour in November 2021 with dates in Edinburgh (15th), Glasgow (16th) and Dundee (17th). Get tickets here.  

Listen to the track below.