BEABADOOBEE has shared the latest single from her upcoming second album ‘BEATOPIA’, out on 15th July.

New single ‘See You Soon’ was written after a memorable trip for the singer-songwriter. She says “I feel like the idea behind See You Soon is that it’s meant to feel like you’re tripping on shrooms. Or, I feel like the chorus especially, I want it to sound like a breath of fresh air, like a realisation of some sort.

“I wrote it during a time where I was away a lot and making a lot of mistakes and doing a lot of things to help me figure a lot of stuff out. And I feel like I found the importance of doing that really; it was therapeutic because it made me appreciate everything around me so much more. Being away and being by myself with my own thoughts, it was kind of like a punch in the face. And I guess it’s just really playing along with the fact that, you know, it’s okay to make mistakes, if it makes you a stronger person, if it makes everything make sense. And it’s important to be by yourself sometimes.”

With sparkling melodies and fuzzy guitars galore’, it’s warm, endearing and catchy – signalling the big progression taken on the new record.

Listen to it below.