1035x691-20140721-beck-x1800-1405969324THE BAND: A legendary artist who has underwent something of a career renaissance following 2014’s Grammy winning Morning Phase, Beck is considered by many to be one of the most versatile songwriters of the past 20 years. Delving into the realms of folk and americana with the ease of a true veteran, Beck has released the video for ‘Country Down’, one of the standout’s from last year’s previously mentioned opus.

THE SOUND: Bearing hallmarks of many classic American songwriters ranging from Neil Young and Bob Dylan to Harry Nilsson and John Denver, ‘Country Down’ is a beautifully wistful composition. Led by one of his most emotive vocal performances to date, its restrained percussion, mournful harmonica gentle guitar strains transcend eras and ensure that it will stand the test of time.

THE VIDEO: Splicing live footage and studio takes alongside the glorious scenery of America’s untamed wilderness,  some of the track’s more poignant lyrics intermittently flash upon the screen as they occur.

THE LOWDOWN: The astounding ‘Morning Phase’ is available now via Capitol, whilst those looking to catch a live performance can do so at Hyde Park on 18th June 2015 during his support slot for The Strokes.