FAST-rising pop star BEKA has shared her eagerly anticipated debut EP ‘I’ll Be There’ via LAB Records.

We’ve already brought you the collection’s glorious title track, but today we’d like to highlight the soaring synth-pop anthem ‘Green Light’.

Much like many of the tracks on the EP, it’s a vibrant dose of optimism that feels very timely given the gradual easing of lockdown. With BEKA’s warm, relatable lyrics at the forefront, her impressive vocals are carried by rippling synths and a gleaming pop production.

Already amassing millions of streams, the young singer-songwriter is a compassionate songwriter – her songs are rooted in the complexity of the human experience but also the joyfulness of it. An emphatic mix of feel-good pop music with hints of neo-soul and R&B, her new EP will surely cement her as one of the UK’s most promising young stars.

BEKA explains: “This EP is a journal of the highs and lows of ordinary life. Becoming a solo artist has been a journey in overcoming my own sense of inadequacy and imposter syndrome; giving myself permission to write about my own stories, trusting that even though they happen in the mundane realities of life, they are stories worth writing about. The first song on the project was written on a normal day, making tea and toast in the kitchen, reflecting on the recent experience of watching my husband go through some real mental health battles, which I think set a precedent for how the rest of the songs were developed too.

I have always gravitated towards music that speaks honestly about the rawness in life, whilst also trying to instil hope and a sense of liberation; songs that help set us free from the sticky prisons we often build in our minds, songs that we could send to someone we know is struggling, songs that make us want to dance like noone is watching. I hope the EP can do a little of that.

I’m super excited about the new songs on the EP and my favourite new one is Green Lights. I remember driving back from that writing session and having a big cry on the way home feeling like I’d found words I needed to break out of the hard space I was in at the time. I wrote ‘Green Lights’ with Dan Smith last January 2020 and knowing it’s coming out this May with lockdown slowly lifting and life feeling lighter is perfect timing. I hope the chorus feels like something people can relate to ’feels brighter now, we’re rising up, no hiding out, only green lights for us’.