FAST-rising pop star BEKA has unveiled an impassioned new single called ‘You Got’.

Said to be inspired by Kamala Harris’ history-making appointment as Vice President, the track highlights BEKA’s instinctive ability to create dreamy atmospheric pop music with real music at the heart of it.

BEKA explains: “I wrote “You Got” after watching Kamala Harris become the first female, African-American and Asian-American, Vice President in history. I felt so moved that suddenly a generation of women would count themselves into a possibility they hadn’t realised they were counting themselves out of. It felt permission giving, liberating and hope-filling to see this happen especially on the backdrop of such a difficult year like 2020.

The lyrics came from imagining the parents who have gone out to protest for these moments, sometimes having to leave their kids at home not knowing if they’d be safe and thinking about the last things they’d want to say to their children. I wanted to write something that felt like a reminder that no matter how cliche it can feel, all of us leave a legacy in how we live and how we make others feel. I remember starting the song writing the bass line and the groove for the chorus and bringing it Joe Turner (producer) saying “I want to embody that anthemic sound of records that make you feel that –  I might feel dumb, but life is short so let me dance like no ones watching and back myself – energy.”

“You Got” is that private reminder that your story is power and everyone has that special fire, even if they don’t know it yet.”

Listen below.