ORIGINALLY from Greenock, Berta Kennedy is a multi-talented songwriter, performer and producer.

You only need to explore her releases so far to see that she takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres and artists. Dipping into the likes of 90s/early noughties hip hop/R&B, contemporary alt-rock and pop, her music is varied, multi-layered and ultra modern. Yes, she may craft her sound from the comfort of her bedroom, but her sound can be rooted at either side of the Atlantic.

‘Travel at Peak Time’ is her new single, and it’s perhaps one of her most accessible yet introspective to date. A relatable story for any creative person, it’s an ode to self-care – her instantly recognisable narrative delivered over a slick, dynamic alt-pop instrumental. With jazzy key flourishes throughout, it has an infectious energy that belies the frustrated lyrical content.

She says “Travel at Peak Time is the story of a young adult reflecting during a moment of peace on a delayed, peak-hour bus journey.

“It was written on a Megabus 900 service from Edinburgh to Glasgow, part of my route to my hometown, Greenock. I was working crazy hours at the time and following an intense fitness regime, all while pursuing my music career. I was all over the place and felt hopeless, chasing unrealistic personal goals/standards even a well-rested person would struggle with. A loss of creative opportunity truly is the cost of financial stability, what a familiar story to a Scottish, 20-something- year-old with big dreams and a working class background.

“Sometimes a dreaded, lengthy commute is the only chance to sit and do nothing for a bit. If that’s the kind of downtime you’re appreciating, it’s time to make a couple changes.”

Berta Kennedy plays Resonate Music Conference on 24th November.