BURGEONING pop star Berta Kennedy has teamed up with the prolific Man of Moon for a new release called ‘Weigh Me Down’.

The brooding, pulsing track combines the sounds and influences of both artists. Kennedy is building a reputation for her experimental and instinctive approach to songwriting, pulling from a variety of sources such as 90s/early noughties hip hop/R&B, contemporary alt-rock and pop, while Chris Bainbridge is a near veteran of the scene –  known for his dark, ominous trip-hop and krautrock influences, kinetic beats and powerful, atmospheric soundscapes.

The results of the collab are therefore predictably enthralling – it’s dark, moody and enticingly mysterious with shades of psychedelia, pop and alt-rock pulling through. And while there’s layers to the tune, there’s still a directness to the melody – with the pair’s vocals complementing each other brilliantly.

Chris said: “It’s been amazing working with Beth on this track. She’s an extremely talented producer/mixer and we both got on straight away which made the whole thing really easy. We both have very different sounds but we definitely have a crossover of influences which I think really helped when it came to writing. I think it forced us both to step out of our comfort zones at points in terms of styles of writing and choices of sounds.”

Beth, aka Berta Kennedy, said:  “It was super easy to work with Chris. It’s always nerve racking to build ideas from scratch with a stranger, but we have a fairly matched energy and a similar recording process. It was a very equal process and we learned from each other along the way. We occasionally ‘disagreed’ on lyrical style, song structure and, at one point, the track’s overall feel. However, it was really enlightening to discuss our differences and progress, neither of us being stubborn or precious about our ideas.”

Check it out below.