LAST MONTH, BETA WAVES took their music to new transcendent heights with the release of  ‘Ad Lib’.

At the time of its release, we said of the track, “Carefully crafted yet loose-limbed and unconstrained in its approach, ‘Ad Lib’ is one of the duo’s more introspective offerings. Anchored by a steady drumbeat yet drenched in meandering psychedelia, vibrant guitar lines meet a warm glow of synths and a soulful vocal to create  wholly spellbinding sonic journey that envelops the listener.”

Whether exploring the more hedonistic, introspective, Balearic or even abrasive tendencies of their sound, the duo have the incredible gift of being able to transport the listener to any headspace they want within minutes of each other. And that’s exactly what they’ve done on the track’s accompanying visuals, unveiled just at the start of this week.

Filmed in the Spanish mountains, the video follows lead singer Dale Easson as he walks around deserted streets and the surrounding hills seemingly in a reflective mood. Interspersing the footage with dream-like sequences, it’s very much in line with the introspective, psychedelic nature of the track.

Check it out below.