BETA WAVES have got the year off to a dazzling start with the release of a brand-new single called ‘French Touch’.

Having spent most of 2021 holed away in their home studio, the duo have emerged with a revitalised sound and zeal for their craft, this time with their eyes set firmly on the dancefloor.

Unsurprisingly, ‘French Touch’ pays heed to their electronic influences –  the guitar-based indie sounds that shone through on previous tracks have been swept away in favour of funky, vibrant electronica. Reminiscent of modern bands like Jungle, the duo deliver a heady mix of falsetto vocals, insistent bass lines and shimmering synths – a feel-good concoction that will have you yearning for the dancefloor.

Grooving into the new year full of style and ambition, ‘French Touch’ indicates a new chapter BETA WAVES. Embracing their electronic influences more than ever, we’re intrigued as to what may come next.