DUNDEE electronic duo BETA WAVES’ unveil the playful accompaniment to their latest single, ahead of their appearance at Tenement Trail 2018. 

Going from playing small hometown shows to relentless touring and festival appearances, BETA WAVES’ psych-peppered electronic sound is making waves in the Scottish music scene, and their latest offering, ‘LoveLoveLove’ is testament to their ever-impressive creativity.

All that has fuelled BETA WAVES’ sound is prevalent on this track. The square and pounding drums, warm vocals, synth driven hooks and heady, almost psychedelic, sounds vibrating throughout the track, encompasses the defining elements of classic electronic music, while making something unique to this duo. The shift from the pounding, simple verses to the jumble of sound, feeling and infectiousness of the choruses is striking, highlighting BETA WAVES’ ear for not only unique and intriguing instrumentation but also catchy, pop-driven melodies.

The accompanying video is a truly playful accompaniment to the track. Using grainy home-video footage of the toddlers, edited in a repeating, at times hypnotic manner, is very unique and exciting to see bands pursuing such originality and creativity in every element of the music that they release.

BETA WAVES appear at Tenement Trail 2018, Saturday September 29th. Tickets on sale now.