always a tangible sense of occasion which greets the arrival of a new track from Scotland’s now globe-trotting Biffy Clyro and the teasers for their forthcoming new record have had it in abundance.

Preparing to career back into our hearts after a lengthy layoff with Elipsis; their first new project since the ambitiousness of double album Opposites, the band have treated us to a brand new video for the uncompromising ‘Animal Style.’

For fans that have followed the band’s career from the outset, the track’s madcap spirit will instantaneously conjure up images of the band’s Infinity Land days and the unpredictable nature of their early material. Laced with invigorating synths, impenetrably aggressive riffs and a playful vocal from Simon Neil, ‘Animal Style’ is perhaps the first track of the new era of the band which throws all caution to the wind and takes the listeners on a journey that only they could provide.

Its accompanying video carries on the no frills aesthetic of the track, stripping away the levels of pomposity and grandeur which were evident throughout the videos for records such as Only Revolutions and filled with little more than shots of the band performing against a stark background.

The band’s new album Elipsis will be released on the 8th July.

Watch the new video below: