THE BIG MOON sound darker than ever before on their new track ‘Hold This’, the B-side to their latest single ‘Formidable’.

‘Save this holy mess’ Jules Jackson declares over a restrained opening; steady rhythms and a creeping bassline instilling an immediate sense of darkness and foreboding. An appropriately emphatic follow-up to the bold and defiant ‘Formidable’, the track is more complex in its lyrical themes and arrangement but still possesses the same irresistible melodies and poppy hooks that The Big Moon have become known for.

Soon developing into a chaotic assault of squalling guitars, jagged vocals and soulful harmonies, its menacing instrumental forms the crux of the song; taking off in particularly thrilling fashion as the track draws to a close.

The Big Moon are expected to have a huge year ahead with their debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’ coming out on 7th April on Fiction Records. Its release will be supported by a UK tour, during which they will play Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on 23rd April.

Check out the new track below: