AFTER cordially inviting us back into their world with a charming glint in their eye on ‘Little Thing Gone Wild’, the impending return of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has became an even more intoxicating prospect with the arrival of ‘Haunt.’

Embracing the macabre and rewardingly unsettling side of their sound, their latest single may be slow-paced and coated in a deep layer of menace but it does nothing to diminish the effectiveness of their unique, blues indebted sound.

Sounding as though it should be levelled against the emotional centrepiece in a particularly harrowing film noir, it has certainly raised the excitement for their new record to an all-time high.

Wrong Creatures; their first new LP since 2013’s Specter At The Feast, will be released on the 12th January.

Check out the new track below: