FOUND My Person is the compelling new single from singer-songwriter Blair Davie.

Building on from the success of previous singles ‘To Miss You’ and ‘Lovely’, the latest addition to Davie’s discography provides a reflective pop ballad oozing with groove. ‘Found My Person’ forms the lead single of the ‘It’ll Be Lovely’ EP set for release on September 13th.

Davies comments on their latest single, “I wholeheartedly believe that love is the most important thing we have in life, either platonically or romantically. I’m so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life to share my love with. Grab hold of the people in your life that make you feel special and cherish them forever.”

‘It’ll Be Lovely’ collectively stands as a statement of self-discovery and realisation of Davie’s character, showcasing the emotional turmoil that can be unearthed as a result. Including poetic songwriting, the compilation will allow listeners to hear some of their most poetic lyrical work as well as a refreshingly immersive perspective on honest romance.

Davie is set to embark on a trip to Hungary next month to perform at Sziget Festival on August 13th, with more live dates set to be announced soon.

Check out ‘Found My Person’ below.