EDINBURGH singer-songwriter Bonnie Kemplay is the latest artist to sign with Dirty Hit, announcing the news alongside new single ’19’.

From crafting alt-pop bops in her bedroom throughout lockdown to signing with one of the biggest labels in the country, ’19’ is a coming of age tale – delicate, cinematic and poignant, sitting nicely alongside the releases of her new labelmates.

Opening in delicate fashion, the song gradually expands into something bigger and more emphatic – its emotional weight really carrying through to the listener as she watches her adolescence move on without her. Capturing that feeling of being trapped in your own thoughts for over a year, it feels intimate yet universally relatable.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “I wrote 19 on and off over the span of six months. As my life shifted throughout that period of time, the lyrical content took shape in parallel to my experiences – so it ended up being about many things. There are common themes of time passing, ritual, hopelessness.”

Check it out below.

Photo by Harvey Pearson