BREE RUNWAY is back with a brand-new banger called ‘THAT GIRL’.

An unrelenting return, it marks the beginning of a new era for the singer with a thrilling mix of apocalyptic beats, distorted undulating synths, and Bree’s menacing spitfire vocals.

Speaking on the track, she said “I’ve been on a mini hiatus and there’s no better way to remind you that I’m THAT GIRL,” Bree says. “This song automatically makes me feel like the main character in the middle of a sweaty club, and I’m just oozing sex, glamour and confidence whilst everybody watches. It’s my everyday reminder of how fabulous I am, and it’s your new everyday reminder too – you’re automatically a 10 if you: turn this on, fuck with it, press play and feel liberated, pumped up, and free.”

Listen in below.