EDINBURGH singer-songwriter Brooke Combe has shared details of her debut mixtape, set for release on 21st April.

She’s prefaced it with the release of the project’s title track ‘Black is the New Gold’ – a soulful reflection on her heritage.

At the time, I was like, ‘this is heavy, do I really want to go there?’” says Combe of writing the song. “But my mum was like, why not? My heritage has probably come from that, and it’s important people know who I am. I think it’s been an important step for me, learning more about myself by reading and researching more. It isn’t meant to be a preachy song – I’m not that person. But I do like to write music I can leave with people to ponder. Just think on it, and get back to me.”

The mixtape will also feature early singles such as ‘Miss Me Now’, ‘Impress You’, ‘A-Game’ and ‘Are You With Me?’. She adds “I did not have any confidence as a young black woman. I played footy and hung around with the lads; I was almost shunned for not being this typical vision of femininity,” she says of the release. “But I think it’s so important to show young women — young people in general — that anything is achievable. I am Scottish, I am female, I am mixed race. And I’ll hand you your ARSE with these tunes.”

Tune in below.