JUST over a year on from the release of ‘Urges’, Cara Rose has shared a follow-up EP called ‘How It Feels’.

And just as its title suggests, it’s a tender and thoughtful collection, written with personal reflection and soul-searching in mind. Backed by her incredible skill for storytelling and those rich, soulful vocals, she builds on the shining elements of that debut EP, and with an inviting candidness, lends us another window into her world.

Driven by personal experience, she explores the difficulties of letting go (‘Let Go’), the warmth of companionship (‘Would If I Could’), the exciting early stages of a relationship (‘What Next’) and more across the EP’s runtime – all while sat behind a piano. With lavish keys forming the backdrop to her thoughtful ruminations, it makes for a captivating listen – all while shining a light on her stunning vocals and lyricism.

Written during lockdown, ‘How It Feels’ is a beautiful and emotional snapshot of that time. A timely reminder of her songwriting prowess, you can tune in below.