CHARLOTTE CARPENTER impressed fans and critics alike with the release her EP ‘How Are We Ever To Know’ earlier this year. Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, she produced a series of deeply personal and intimate songs such as ‘Burn’ and ‘Am I Alone In This?’ that demonstrated her credentials as one of the country’s more intriguing and compelling singer-songwriters.

Already back with some new material, this latest track ‘Fire’ captures the sound of someone who is more than ready to move on and look to the future. As if forming the sequel to ‘Burn’, ‘Fire’ captures Carpenter’s new invigorating perspective and, in her own words, is about “embracing that feeling of change, and seeing where it can take you.” Over heavy guitar licks and percussive thumps the singer’s soulful vocals sit at the centre of the track; seductive and fiery in their delivery. As she sings “I see flames, but not the burning kind/ I see flames, that make me come alive” you get the image of a person who will no longer be oppressed by her pain but is instead choosing to take power from it.

Now a seasoned performer, Carpenter brings a fresh perspective to the singer-songwriter genre and does so in compelling fashion with this smouldering track. Due for release on 2nd December via her own label Let It Go Records, she is also due to hit the road in November with a number of dates around the UK, starting in Glasgow at The Hug and Pint on 17th November.