BE CHARLOTTEONE of the crowning jewels of Scotland’s new breed, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Be Charlotte had unearthed the ancient Denmark Street scriptures of how to write perfectly structured pop songs that sound entirely fresh and original upon every listen.

Capitalising upon the sterling reaction which met the release of her debut track ‘Discover’, Charlotte is now preparing to deliver her second single of the year and it’s entitled ‘Machines That Breathe.’

With every note bustling with restless creativity and exuberance, ‘Machines That Breathe’ coalesces everything which makes her such a special proposition from the undeniable hooks to the poignant and thought-provoking ideas which emerge within her lyrical playbook.

Be Charlotte’s upcoming single will be released on the 7th October via Kobalt Music whilst a physical release coming by way of Last Night From Glasgow.

Set to take her damn good vibes to  our very own Tenement Trail on the 8th October, tickets for the event are available now via Ticketweb