SET to return to our very own Tenement Trail later this year, Cheap Teeth have shared a new single called ‘What a Feeling, What a Day’.

A band inspired by the dark underbellies of the cities they have lived – namely Edinburgh, Leeds and London – their growling, anthemic sound is as experimental as it is accessible. Melding trudging bass lines, atmospheric keys and seething guitars with characterful rambles and theatrical howls, their ability to change pace, tone and expectation stands them apart, continuing to excite with each release.

And this latest track is no different.  Trudging along at a measured pace, the track evokes sticky warm mornings in the city – frontman Joe Laycock painting vivid pictures of strange characters and scenarios, all wrapped in its iconic refrain ‘What a Feeling, What a Day’. After a restrained couple of minutes, the track reaches lift off with a big crescendo full of energy.

About the song, Jack Sharp from the band says The bones of the song had been with us for a while, and different iterations have been in our set since before the pandemic. Over that time the lyrics and melodies were put to the sword. We had recorded a version of the song to tape, and when David Kosten got in touch with us saying he was a fan of the band, we sent him this song and he instantly seemed to be drawn to it and suggested getting a meatier version of it recorded with him in London. Obviously, David’s stature in the music industry would suggest this to be a no brainer, but the catalyst for us working with him was the fact that his motivations were evidently in the right place from the get-go. He understood the song and understood how it needed to be captured in order to be representative of us and where we are at. We are very happy with the outcome.

Tune in below.