GLASGOW group Cloth have shared a new single called ‘Never Know’.

Following the release of last year’s ‘Low Sun’ EP, the band – consisting of sibling duo Rachael and Paul Swinton – will release their debut album ‘Secret Measure’ on May 5th.

Giving us another glimpse of what’s to come’, ‘Never Know’ is atmospheric and brooding, underpinned by a playful groove. Rachael’s icy delivery leads the track, with layers of lush instrumentation building around her. It’s a hypnotic listen.

They say “‘Never Know’ was born from a really big, dark-sounding groove we came up with quite early on in the album’s writing process. We had a lot of fun building the track up in the studio and plundering Ali Chant’s synth collection.”

“Lyrically, the song is a little different to the others on the record as it deals more with unrequited feelings and how to process them. It sounds a little bleak in places but it’s not a song of despair, but rather one of acceptance and recognition of the steps you (reluctantly) need to take to get over someone for good.”

Check out the video below, led by Bristol’s Clump Collective.