‘PIGEON‘ provides an insight to the brand-new album, ‘Secret Measure’, by Glasgow-based twin-sibling duo Cloth (Rachael and Paul Swinton), arriving 5th May through Mogwai’s Rock Action Records.

The upcoming album presents a new approach to the group’s creative process, joining forces with producer Ali Chant to deliver a deliberately bold creative step forward with lead single, ‘Pigeon’.

Concluding 2022 with their four-track, ‘Low Sun EP’, Cloth demonstrate a range in emotional lyricism while ‘Pigeon’ feels immediately more forthright than previous releases. The duo’s latest single delivers themes of belief, reflecting Paul’s realisation that despite how bleak a situation may appear, a flash of hope can always be found if looked for hard enough.

Rachael’s soothing, hushed vocal performance intertwined with Paul’s eerie guitar lines and washes of synth result in a perfect entry point towards the upcoming ‘Secret Measure’.

Cloth share the stage with Scottish legends Mogwai to a sold out crowd in The Garage, London on Monday 6th February.