fb9c2a22-4eb3-4d9d-8c9d-36faf895f9ab-940x627THEY may be about to release their sixth album, but US rockers Crocodiles are still finding room to reinvent themselves and push their creative boundaries. The duo, comprised of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, have allowed us an insight into their forthcoming LP Dreamless with their new track ‘Not Even In Your Dreams’.

Continuing to embrace their pop sensibilities, the track bounces along with an upbeat melody; the vibrant keys take centre stage whilst working well with the guitar rhythms to create something that is charmingly off-kilter with an overriding joyous feel to it. This is all in spite of its darker lyrical content about insomnia and anxiety, as Crocodiles prove that an infectious hook can brighten up the hardest of times. It’s a subject that takes a hold of Dreamless, as seen in its title, as the duo use the album as a vehicle for catharsis to work through their personal difficulties.

Dreamless comes out on October 21st via Zoo Music.